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Tours are group driving events on public roads with a social, non-competitive flavor.  Tours groups range from 10 to 50+ cars and participants may be alone or have the entire family with them.  Most tours are very family-friendly events, however, occasionally tours may be restricted to adults only and/or no pets.

Since tours do take place on public roads, the prevailing traffic laws must be obeyed.  That still leaves plenty of room for spirited driving on the spectacular twisty roads you'll find on nearly every tour. 

Watch the events calendar for the next tour date and sign up early!


Questions about Tours? Contact: Debbie Hale, President -

Recent Tours:

Mount Magazine - April 20-22, 2018

Fun and relaxation was had by all who went on the tour to Mount Magazine State Park. Mount Magazine is the highest point in Arkansas and the park offers a host of indoor and outdoor activities.

Mount Magazine Tour Photo Credits: Amy Jordan, Ric Travis, David Pear, and Rob Hale

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