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About the Mid South Region
Welcome to Mid South Region Porsche Club, located in Zone 3 of the Porsche Club of America.  Our club consists of many different kinds of people with one thing in common ---- our brand of cars and the pursuit of excellence.  Today, we are blessed to have over 300 members within the West Tennessee mid-south area and are growing each day.  The club allows members to collaborate on discussions surrounding the operation, maintenance, and driving of various models of Porsches.  From the 356 to the new 991.2, we have members who have all models and are open to any condition – in fact the "barn find" or "in the process of being restored" are the ones that gather most of our attention. The interests with our cars range from Show and Shine, PCA Club racing, Autocrossing, to daily driving for first time owners. Our goal is to share and help any fellow Porsche owner get to know their car better.  We invite everyone into our club that is a current PCA member, and request you uphold a long standing tradition of "light flashing" when you pass another Porsche on the road. While this tradition has faded in recent years, our club strives to endorse it more and more.  Keep the faith, as the 356 owners say!

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